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Tracking FAQs

I've received certain items, but not all items from my order?

We make every effort to maintain all of our merchandise in stock, but there are times when one item is available for shipping and in stock while another is not. In some circumstances, we ship the item right away so that you receive a portion of your order.   With over 300+ designs, you can undoubtedly understand that despite our ongoing efforts, it is not always possible to keep our entire collection in stock at one time.

Why isn't my tracking number working?

USPS & UPS do a great job at updating tracking numbers promptly. However, in rare circumstances, they do have delays. Please try tracking your order again after 24 hours of receiving your shipping confirmation email. The "Order Tracking" feature will only work once the item has actually been shipped (or scanned in by USPS or UPS). The tracking feature will not work if your order is still in production and not shipped.

The tracking number says delivered, but I haven't received my order?

Once it has been dispatched from our warehouse, USPS & UPS are now in responsible of any domestic delivery questions. To locate your package, call USPS or UPS  customer service for further questions.   If your shipment was lost in transportation, it may get more difficult for the courier service to locate your package as more time goes on, so we strongly suggest and implore you to get in touch with them right away!

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