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    What is the metal used to make your jewelry?

    We use brass metal as a base to make our jewelry and then gold plate it. Brass is an excellent metal to use for this type of jewelry as it allows us to make the jewelry in the same manner as real gold or stone jewelry would be made. Select pieces are made on a silver base and it is written in the product description. 


    What types of stones are used in your jewelry?

    The majority of our jewelry is made with Kundan stone and/or semi-precious gemstones. Please see each item description for exact specifications per item.


    What makes your jewelry unique?

    Our jewelry is designer inspired- we use the finest of materials to make our jewelry and each piece is handcrafted- which would mean that there may be minor variations in each piece as they literally are handmade each and every time. 


    Where is the jewelry made?

    We currently have workshops all over Pakistan and many parts of India. Mumbai, New Delhi, Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore- we work with the finest artisans all over India and Pakistan to create quality pieces. 


    What is the delivery time once the order is placed? 

    For the items that are in stock, we ship within 3-4 business days (unless there is a holiday). We use USPS Priority Mail Service which delivers in 2-3 business days once the item has been shipped. 

    For items that are out of stock or made by order- we generally email customers to let them know if an item has gone out of stock or if it's available by order (by order items are generally noted in the description) and the delivery time for them. PLEASE email us prior to ordering any item that is needed urgently or before the 4-6 week timeframe so that our customer support representatives can assist you in selecting from our in stock pieces. 


    Where are you located? Do you ship worldwide?

    We are located in Atlanta, GA. We do ship worldwide! 


    What is the shipping rate?

    Shipping is $7.50 within the USA via USPS Priority Mail. For rest of the world, we ask you to kindly please proceed to checkout, which is where the shipping options and rates will show. We offer shipping via USPS Priority Mail and DHL for international orders.

    Will a customs duty accrue if I place an international order?

    We cannot guarantee if a customs duty will or will not be assessed on an order as we have no control over customs. We ask client's to please check themselves in regards to this matter as we are not liable if a customs duty is assessed on an international order.